Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wow - what is an appendix for anyway...

besides causing you pain? Last Friday Bobby woke me up to tell me he had been in serious pain all night. He was motioning mostly to his lower back, right side. I did a quick search on the internet and figured it was 1. kidney stones 2. kidney infection or 3. appendicitis. Well... based on the title in the subject line you've probably guess what it was. By 3:30 pm Friday afternoon they had removed the infected organ and Bobby was feeling better if not way dopey. Everyone was so great and stepped right in to help with the kids so I could be at the hospital as much as possible. Sheryl kept Brooklyn, Caleb and Seth for two nights! She made it so fun for them even though she was sick and Dad had to work. My friend from school took on Ayden and let him have a sleep over with her baby girl who is a month older than him. He didn't even miss me - the little booger. So for anyone who is wondering - Bobby is doing much better and will be back to work on Thursday. What a weekend though!
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jkump1 said...

Wow. Glad you guys got that fixed. Can't people die from that if it isn't caught in time?

That's great that everyone helped you out.

We miss you guys!
Marcie :)


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