Monday, November 26, 2007

Funny what a month can do...

On his birthday Ayden would take two steps then fall down. Slam! Right on the bottom. Now he just cruises. He is in a hurry everywhere he goes. Often his belly gets too far in front of him and he topples down but just keeps going in crawl mode. Nothing deters that kid!

Ayden is a baby on a mission. A mission to explore and discover Planet 1-5-2-7. It is a territory of myriad discoveries. There are drawers that open and things inside them and if he gets to them quickly enough he can pull everything out before that dreaded sound, NOOOO, he is not quite sure what it means but it gets the inhabitants of Planet 1-5-2-7 angered enough that he pays heed. Then there are the doors. So many doors it makes a little head swim, and Ayden's is smaller than most. Just recently a new passage way has been opened up for exploration and the noisy door that slams by the cool hard floor is particularly fascinating to Ayden yet frightens the other inhabitants for some silly reason. All Ayden knows is that it leads to fresh air!

Okay that just got way geeky but I am waiting for this video to download and process so I'm bored. Can you tell? Needless to say I'm terrified of Ayden getting out the front door since we are upstairs. Every time the kids go outside I lock the door behind them and they have to knock to get back in - is that horrible? I let them in, usually. He he he he JK!!! I always let them in right away, I can hear them coming up the stairs, they are not exactly silent and sneaky. I wanted a better video but this will just have to do as he always runs away from me.

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