Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Know Bad Weather is Coming Your Way When...

you see this truck at the gas station.

I know this is not a great picture. I regret now not getting out of my car and just walking up to the truck and snapping a shot. Instead I sat in my car and worried about people coming up behind me. There was a sticker on the door that said 'Storm Tracker'. There were crazy thing all over the top of the truck and there were poles on the back like the ones in the front. I wish Caleb had been with me and Seth, he would've loved it.

I spent the entire day yesterday running around prepping for Hurricane Irene. Without my dad here I don't have access to a generator or a Coleman stove or an abundance of batteries. Heck, we only had one flashlight. I took the kids over to Target to look for some flashlights and pick up diapers. The entire flashlight section was empty. Not even a Tinkerbell flashlight in place. There were also no 'D' batteries, anywhere. I remembered that the pharmacy had a lot of water so I headed that way. That was pretty much all they had. Bobby and I headed to Sam's. He was pretty uncomfortable since he just had hand surgery the day before but he braved it for me. I was so glad to have him - it was a zoo and I was experiencing panic attacks from the crowds. They did have flashlights and we got some paper plates and cups. I was feeling calmer until we tried to get gas. That was a nightmare at Sam's and Kroger until I said "Forget it!" and headed over to the empty Exxon. Can you believe 7-11 was out of gas? Gassed up and feeling good about our food situation we headed home. I did go to Kroger after the little ones went to bed and bought some Almond milk so they could have cereal and milk if the power went out. I'm sure it's better cold but it's something. Now I was ready for this big hurricane. As we slept the hurricane was downgraded to a category one. Now it's raining and it's windy but nothing like what was predicted. However, if I didn't prepare yesterday, Murphy's Law dictates that it would have been horrible. So today we'll enjoy the rain and staying dry inside and pretend it's worse than it really is. :)

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Holly said...

Well im glad it wasnt worse than it was hopefully you get power tonight!


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