Friday, August 5, 2011

Double Digits!

Ten years ago today Seth came into our lives. Everyone loved on him and spoiled him, it was too easy. He was a great baby.

He loved to sleep. (As a mother of two other very young children that was heavenly.)

This is weird but if you click on the picture below you'll see how he sleeps. His eyes don't close, it's creepy. We all agree. LOLHe smiled all the time. Seriously, I only remember him throwing one fit ever. He was about three and did not want me to put on his shoes. I don't know if this was because we gave him everything he wanted or if he was just that happy. I like to think he was just so happy but it was probably both.
He was and still is extremely playful. He just loves to have fun.
Most importantly, Seth has a big heart and his family is very important to him.
We love you Seth - Happy Birthday!!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Seth! Love you! It's funny how he looks like Boo in that pic with the big shoe! LOL

Heather said...

I always thought he looked like Brooklyn as a baby, just bigger eyes.


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