Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jamestown - our staycation Part I

We have lived in Richmond for three years now and I often lament at all the things we have not done. We live so close to so many historical places and wonderful museums and we have not ventured further than the theme park down the highway. So when Bobby's mom mentioned going to Jamestown and Yorktown for the day I was so excited! I have been looking at the websites since we moved here and thought it would be so fun to take the kids. We left yesterday morning and made great time. The older four kids rode with Grandma and Poppy and got to watch the TV in their car, they were thrilled, and Bobby and I rode with Dillon. Bobby was worried that he would be bored without anyone to ride in the back with him but he said, "Not mad, I happy." And that settled it.

Our first stop was Jamestown. Now this is just a replica of Jamestown (obviously), meaning that this is not on the original site of the settlement. It isn't very far away though at all. We walked into Jamestown and there was a man firing a musket. It was extremely loud. He invited us all into his 'shop' to answer questions. Bobby was there for quite some time talking to him. The boys didn't mind though because it gave them time to try out the muskets and swords themselves.

There were some helmets and armor on a bench for people to put on so all the boys donned armor and posed by the cannon.
Not to be outdone... Dillon got geared up as well. (With help from Daddy.)

The next part was my favorite... we went to see the ships that sailed in on. They really were quite a bit bigger than I had imagined. Still, not big enough that I'd want to spend 6 months on one!
We went down below first and were told how the days at sea were spent. Brooklyn was rather disgusted by the chamber pot.
I think this is some kind of cannon? I may be wrong. There was no one at this part of the boat to explain it.
Ayden really wanted to lay down in one of the beds. Looks pretty cozy. I think I'd like that for the boy's room!
Seth wanted to as well.
Before we left the large boat I wanted a shot of all the kids. Dillon and Ayden did not want to cooperate.
Next we went to the Powhatan village. It was interesting to compare how the Native Americans were living at the same time as the English. We didn't stay there as long because they day had gotten very hot, there was no more breeze and we were all running out of steam.

We think this is a bed... LOL The kids were surprised to see that the floors of the Powhatan's homes were crushed shell. I can't imagine that was comfortable.

Outside of each tent was a place to grind corn. All the kids had a try at it.
Caleb found a dwelling with a wolf skin. There is no picture of Dillon here because he was scared to death. Poor guy.
I wanted to get one more shot outside the visitor's center. There is a neat fountain there in the front. The kids were so done with pictures.
And there are so many more pictures. I think I will take on the real Jamestown settlement and Yorktown tomorrow!


Holly said...

That's awesome!! I'm so glad you guys are taking a little family vacay! LOVE YALL!!!

Danielle said...

I have memories of visiting colonial sites as a child and it has really stuck with me. I am glad you found time to do that!


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