Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tents and Tragedies

Ayden started begging for a tent yesterday. I have no idea where he got the idea. It was a much cheaper idea than the DSi he was begging for. I found one on Craigslist for $5, granted it was a Dora tent, but for five bucks I figured we couldn't lose! Someone else had the same idea because it sold two hours before the lady got my email. *sigh* That was a tragedy, if you have kids, you'll agree.

Today we went in search of a tent at Target. Well, let me interrupt myself to say that we were there, more importantly, to ask the pharmacist about Dillon's arm, aka Tragedy #2. This strange rash appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Once that was settled, it was on to the tent.
There were no small, cute character tents at all. There was only one, this one.

It was the Target brand. Can I just say here I resent when distributors put pictures of items on the box that are not included in the box? What mother with four boys in a Target has time to read that the tube does not come with the product? So frustrating. Ok, rant over. This was the one they had, so this is the one I bought. I figured it would save my sanity on rainy and ultra-hot days.

It seemed I was right. The boys were thrilled. Ayden and Dillon jumped excitedly while Caleb and I put it together. Seth could not keep those two contained, the anticipation was so great. I miss getting that excited about things. They played for quite a while, going in, going out, sitting in the tent, laying in the tent, putting a sleeping bag in the tent. It was quit a blast - just what I hoped when I bought it for too much money.

Then it happened. I will not say that it was due to a child playing 'monster' and chasing the other children. I will not say that it was due to a child mistaking the tent for a gerbil ball that they can roll around in. I will just let the picture speak for itself.
The good news, the pole did not snap. The bad news, it did do some kind of funky stretchy bendy thing. That is a technical term by the way. The culprit got a light swat on the bottom and a moment in time out. Tragedy #3. Not that the culprit really understood what he did. So, the tent is still up and they can still sit in it, but I guess I'll have to call, already, about a replacement pole. Tragedy.


Marla said...

Love the idea.

Marla said...

of a tent... mom brain.. didn't even finish my thought! LOL


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