Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Give a kid toys, books and stuffed animals and what do they play with?
That's right, shoes. Brooklyn loved shoes. (Typical girl!) She could barely walk but she carried those things around the house all day! I cannot think of a nastier, dirtier thing for my child to play with. Well, I can but that's just disgusting. She licked everything too, making it extra gross. She never played with her shoes, just big ones. I wonder why... I'm not surprised though, I love shoes too. Notice all the toys around her. My parent's living room was really just a big toy store.

**I was not blogging when my older three kids were little. Well, no one was! I was not even very good at keeping up with baby books. These were the days before Internet was mandatory and I had not even heard of a digital camera. My goal is to post some photos and stories of the kids from way back, pre-blog.**

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Holly said...

Love the flashback fridays! She has such a sparkle to her eyes!!!


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