Monday, July 18, 2011

Darn Near Perfect Weekend

A trip to McDonald's. This is an extremely rare treat. Usually I go through the drive-thru and just get the 20 piece nuggets for them to share. Ayden said, "Take my picture!" So I did.

Caleb wanted in the picture too. Ayden wasn't thrilled.

So Caleb squeezed in with Dillon. Dillon is actually smiling and yelling there. He was thrilled to be eating McDonald's, playing in ketchup and sitting at a table with us instead of a high chair.
It was on to Target to look for shoes for Ayden. (They did not have his size) Dillon is two so his happiness melts quickly into tears. He wanted a big Boba Fett head. He is child #5 so by now, when my child throws a fit in the store, instead of being embarrassed, I laugh and snap a picture. I couldn't help it. Telling my child he could not have a giant head was extremely funny to me. Yes, I'm that mom.

Sunday was bliss... We left church after the sacrament because Bobby was feeling extremely ill. He went right to bed. I lounged with the kids then went for a nap myself. Bobby woke up to take over with the kids and I slept and slept and actually woke up feeling wonderful! Later, when Bobby wanted a 'power nap', how could i deny him? Then Dillon joined in. Too cute.

He caught me!
Ayden, of course saw me taking a picture of Dill and would not be forgotten. "Take my picture!" he yelled. So I did.


Danielle said...

I somehow missed your recent blog updates! I hope Brooklyn had a good time in Texas. The tent saga cracked me up.

Heather said...

The tent is currently sitting, unused, on my deck. So sad. She had a blast, I pick her up on Wednesday! We're so happy to get her back!

Marla said...

Okay, this cracks me up! :) Owen loves McDonalds a bit to much. In fact, whenever we pass one he says "there's McDonalds right there, lets go eat!" Umm... no. LOL

OH, and LOVE the fit in the store picture. Hmm.. I may do that next time my kid has a fit.


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