Thursday, May 19, 2011


This as been a busy week. It seems as though every night this week, except for Monday, we have had something to do. I know this is the norm for many people with a large family. It is not the norm for us and I like it that way. I enjoy being home, with my kids, enjoying a quiet dinner and watching them play and listening to news about their day. Ok, that sounds way nicer than our regualr evening home. Regardless, it is what I like. Tuesday I had an eye doctor appointment and Seth had his recorder concert and they also did a 'living museum'. (If you recall, Brooklyn participated in this as well, Caleb refused). Last night Seth had to go to scouts and I had to go to the grocery store. So tonight when Brooklyn expressed an interest in going to hear a speaker at a church fireside I will admit, I did not want to go. I told her no. She stared at me with puppy dog eyes. I told her no. Then I changed my mind and told her to get dressed.

The speaker was Brad Wilcox, have you ever heard of him? I had not. Now that I have though I plan on finding out more about him. I was told he was a funny speaker for EFY and a professor at BYU. Now I know that he has a way of talking about some serious subjects in a way that is easy to understand and humorous. He has a way to answer some very difficult questions that just makes sense. As I sat and listened I looked down at Brooklyn and saw that she was hanging on his every word. I wished that Bobby and Caleb could have been there as well and I hope that I can save some money so I can send Brooklyn to EFY. I know there were things he said tonight that I needed to hear and I hope that Brooklyn was able to absorb some of what she hear. She did come home and go right to her scriptures to highlight the one he gave in his talk tonight. I am so grateful she talked me into going. My children are often very good teachers.

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Holly said...

What an awesome moment for the two of you!!! Sometimes those opportunities come around only once, so I am so glad you took advantage of it. The more her testimony grows the stronger she will be!
Love you!


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