Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Romantic Dinner

Brooklyn decided that Bobby and I should have a romantic dinner tonight. It could be that she was incredibly bored. Or it could be she wants something badly. For whatever reason though she called her Aunt Holly, got a recipe that would work with the ingredients in the house and set to work. She made the entire dinner while the boys helped set the table with flowers and helped dish everything up. Then, they all took the little ones upstairs for baths while we ate. The night would not have been complete without romantic music so Brooklyn grabbed my iPod and set it to "The Nutcracker". Yeah, we're wondering about that as well. As we laughed and ate and laughed and talked and laughed, the music played and went from the nutcracker to Yoyo Ma's "Here Comes the Sun" to "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots. We laughed even harder at the romantic music. She did a good job on the dinner and Bobby requested dessert. Caleb sprinted off and said, "Brooklyn, there's trouble!" I cracked up! Brooklyn and Caleb came down and got busy in the laundry room. That's when Ayden popped up with his wet head to complain and give us a kiss goodnight, very romantic. Then we had Seth to keep us amused as he ran back and forth spying on us. Finally dessert was served. Quite comical and sweet and maybe even a little romantic.
Bobby's ice cream sandwich a la Reese's egg.
My ice cream sandwich a la Cadbury egg.
Our table setting complete with candle and flowers.

And one of the four party/romance crashers. LOL


Danielle said...

Yes! This is the kind of ingenuity and self sufficiency I love to see in children! Your kids are so cool.

Grammy said...

That is so precious! Way cool- the kids that is.

Holly said...

LOL! that is too funny. So you liked the chicken pasta dish?? I really just told her to wing it....not a true recipe.

Heather said...

It tasted fine, just looked a bit odd because she put green beans in with macaroni noodles. The cheese really gave it the flavor though. I think it was Italian blend.

Christian Metzler said...

I can't stop smiling...that is just too cute and sweet. You and Bobby are so blessed to have such awesome children.


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