Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Day

Mother's day is always bittersweet. I missed my mother terribly today. Actually it was worse yesterday. Anticipation is always worse I suppose. Today my family did everything they could to make it a special day for me though. I realize this post may be boring to everyone else but since my blog serves as my family's journal, I'm going to chronicle the day. I'll try to spice it up a bit but it is what it is!

7:45 - I roll over and realize how late it is. I remind Bobby we need to be up, getting ready for church. The house is oddly silent and I grin, wondering if the kids were being extra good and preparing a treat for me! I step into the hall, peer down the stairs and hear... nothing. Not a thing. I look into Brooklyn's room and Caleb and Seth are sleeping on her floor, Ayden is asleep in his bed, and Brooklyn is sleeping in her bed. I admit, I am disappointed and a tad worried since we have to leave at 8:30. I say, "Hey, why don't you guys get up?" Ayden yells, "NO!" Ok... I get Dillon, who is happy to see me, and bring him and his church clothes downstairs.
7:55 - I feed Dillon and Ayden oatmeal. Ayden says I made it wrong (even though I made it the way he's been asking for it for the past two weeks, runny) and he refuses to eat it so Seth does. Ayden has a banana. Then Dillon asks for a banana that he does not eat. Very typical. When I look at the clock I realize I do not have time to eat and as I run upstairs to get ready Bobby is coming down - dressed and ready to go. He looks very nice and smells just as good.
8:28 - There is a banging on the bedroom door. I say, "Don't! I'm getting dressed." There is more banging. I yell, "Go away and let me get dressed!" (Lately it is usually Ayden at my door.) Bobby opens the door, grinning triumphantly, and carrying a plate of scrambled eggs and a glass of fresh squeezed Tang. I smile, say thank you and scarf down my eggs!
8:45 - We are finally in the car leaving for church! I put on the cd of "Emma's Sacred Hymns". I love that cd.
9:00 - We sit in the back of the chapel on the cold metal fold out chairs. Oh well, we made it. Dillon plops down next to Bobby and Ayden sits so quietly. It is a miracle. The older kids had put a bag together for the younger kids so they munch on fruit snacks after sacrament. Dillon takes this task most seriously. He is quiet too until he finds his zebra and tiger. Oh dear. He loves to shout the word 'tiger'. Ayden is an angel. Then we think Dillon is stinky and I have no wipes so off I go with him to the bathroom to make do with damp paper towels. He is not stinky however and says he wants to sit on the potty. We give it a shot. No luck. Oh well, give the kid an A+ for effort.
9:55 - I leave the meeting in tears due to a wonderful talk on mothers. Since I don't want to explain to anyone why I was crying so much we leave early.
10:30 - Bobby gives me a two new books so I can "lay in bed and read all day" (his words) so I retire to the upstairs while he handles things down below. Nice...
12:00 - The family sits down to a lunch of grilled steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans and grilled hot dogs. It is so wonderful. It is the best Mother's Day luncheon I could (and did) ask for. Then we have cake. It is a beautiful cake and tastes as good as it looks. Except the bow, the bow is nasty as all of the children and I discover. The dots are fantastic. I talk to my sister on the phone.

2:00 - Bobby and I take a nap while Dillon does! I don't know what the kids do but since they leave me alone to rest, I don't care. ;)
4:00 - Ayden wakes me up from the nap. I come down to hang out with a grumpy Dillon on the couch. The kids clean out the fridge. Happy Mother's Day! (That is what I asked for.)
5:00 - I cut Dillon, Ayden and Seth's hair. Dillon hates it and screams the entire time and manages to rub hair in his eyes, nose and mouth. He's brilliant like that. Seth and Ayden look great though. Brooklyn - heaven bless her - bathes the little ones as I finish with them.
6:00 - Dinner, the children eat leftovers and Bobby takes me to QDoba because I have a birthday coupon. I don't even feel badly about going on Sunday since our favorite employee is there and it is his last day before moving to a location far away. We have a nice long chat with him, he asks us to come visit him and we leave with warm fuzzies. It seems it was meant to be.
7:00 - Brooklyn puts the little boys to bed.
7:30 - Bobby, the older kids and I play Dicecapades. We have a great time. I think since Bobby keeps pushing Seth down and throwing dice at Caleb. Then he beats us all by a long shot. Really though it is so much fun.

I must say it ended up being the best mother's day I have had. I enjoyed it totally. It meant a lot to me that my husband wanted to make today so special. The children pitched in and stopped fighting, mostly. I vote for mother's day to come once a month. Who's with me?

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