Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six months/Brooklyn's a robot!

Dillon is six months today! He is still such a happy baby. You can see in his picture though that he isn't feeling great. He has a bad cough that is very persistent. It does not stop him from giving us big smiles all the time. He sleeps all night and loves to eat. So far he only likes bananas (of course), pears and apples. I mix in some rice cereal so it isn't too runny. He munches down a size one serving in no time flat. I think I need to give him two servings per feeding! He is such a joy and will calmly sit and watch us and try to suck his toes.
Look how much he's grown!
one month:

Six months:

Hmmm.... I think those pajamas look familiar....
Yep! Ayden was wearing those at the beginning of this summer! Now, granted, they are size 12 months and are not snug on Dillon but still! Ayden is two years older and just outgrew that top and now Dillon is wearing it. They grow so fast.

Speaking of growing up so fast, Brooklyn had a program at her school tonight. The fourth and fifth graders dressed up as famous people in history and turned the school into a museum. They were told to act like robots and when viewers came by they would 'press their button' and the robot would tell them all about that individual. Brooklyn was William Lloyd Garrison. What's that you say? You don't know who he is? Well then, have a listen...

Bobby said she looked like a puppet but that was the point. I think she did great. Garrison would've worn knicker type pants and tights so, luckily, she had her brother's too short pants and his shirt. She looked pretty good considering she put it together at the last minute. I didn't think she'd be able to go since Bobby works most nights. She did this entirely on her own. She wrote her part, memorized it and planned the outfit without ever asking for help! She's a doer, for sure!


Jeanette said...

Happy 6 months! And Brooklyn looks too cute. They are growing up fast aren't they? Are you ready for her to go to junior high next year?

brooke said...

dillon looks like such a happy boy! And Way to go Brooklyn! Doers are my kind of people!

Holly said...

Dillon has changed! He is less and less a generic baby face and is starting to come into his own.
And Boo, i'm so proud of you! I think you did a great job on your project, hope you got an A!!!


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