Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe there is a reason I don't stay home

I only ever wanted to be a stay at home mom. I have always loved children. I did get my degree because it seemed the wise, logical thing to do and my parents paid for it. Thank goodness they did because I have had to work outside of my home my entire adult life. I did not do it so I could afford a nice car or a better home. I did not do it because I did not feel satisfied being home with my children. I have worked out of necessity. I figure teaching is great because I get to be home with them on my vacations. It's kind of like my consolation prize. However, after days like today, maybe there is some bigger reason out there that I've never been able to stay home. Maybe my Heavenly Father knows something about me that I've never had to find out. I am just not equipped for it.

I was home today because of this little guy,
Ayden got sick Saturday night and just when we thought he was all better he got sick Sunday night. He slept most of Monday and wouldn't eat for Bobby so I kept him home today. He has been a handful. He still really won't eat. He sure does ask for food but, then, will not eat it. Nothing frustrates me more! He also broke the lid off of the toilet. He was standing on it, for the millionth time, and I was telling him to get off, for the millionth time. Well, the toilet lid took care of Ayden by itself and just slid right off and broke. I was thrilled. He told me it was, "just an accident it ok Mommy.'

Knowing that I was home was too much temptation for this one,
He went to the nurse's office twice. On the second visit the nurse pretty much insists that you pick them up, even without a fever. Shall I vent here about elementary schools? No, I'll save that for another time. He is not sick. Do not feel sorry for him. His temperature is normal. He ate all his lunch and snack. He is fine. But he is home. That frustrated me too. He asked if I was mad. How can I get mad? Everyone likes a mental health day I guess.

Since Ayden is home, this one is home too,
I have wiped his nose more times than I can count, snuggled his head, rocked him, kissed him and listened as he has tried out all his new words. He asked, 'where da da', he yelled, 'thank you' about ten times and said, 'hi' as he waved to all the children at Seth's school. Now, after three tries, I think he is down for a nap.

Am I cut out for this type of activity day after day? Actually, I really think I am. How do you moms that stay home do it? If you don't stay home with your kids, would you?


Danielle said...

Either way, I think you are a great mom.

brooke said...

i can't even compare your 5 to my 2, but sometimes a job seems appealing!

Holly said...

Well, you do it in the summer? Maybe that was just a strange, frustrating day for all??

Heather said...

True enough. Everyone has a hard time when our schedule is thrown off.


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