Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So, What Does An 11 Year Old Take Pictures Of With Her Digital Camera?

A camera that is nicer than her parents? A camera that Santa brought her, that she begged for? Take a little trip with me, if you dare, into what it so important that Brooklyn felt the need to photograph it.
Nice, huh? Yeah, if you are self-obsessed or creating umpteen different versions of "portrait of the artist as a young girl".

I did like this shot, so precious:
And this is sticky sweet (that was fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie goo):
She was even so generous as to loan the camera to her brother for his field trip. My favorite shot is the one up some famous dead guy's nose.... I'm sure whoever it is, is very proud.


Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

I probably have nearly 200 random pictures of the kids on my computer. Not only did they learn to upload them from the digital camera, they learn to take pictures with the webcam. To be honest, I find most of them pretty obnoxious, but sometimes there's a cute one sprinkled in there. :)

Holly said...

LOL! that is too funny! gotta love the girl that loves herself!
and the last one... poor Caleb/Seth, this was probably at his eye level? He did center it?

Heather said...

That was Caleb. I'm sure it was way above him. I just thought it was funny. He has a few good pictures. (He took one of his girlfriend too)

Jeanette said...

I think that is great! A young girl with good self esteem!! Yes, I needed both exclaimation marks. ;)

She looks like she is growing into a beautiful young woman.


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