Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seth's baptism part 2

I realized that I posted that slide show on the day of his baptism and never got around to posting pictures of the actual event. It went as smoothly as an event like that can go. Everyone was there on time, including us. We remembered towels and underwear (for after the baptism, I forgot that with Caleb). There were more people there than I had thought there would be, which was great. Brooklyn did a fantastic job on her talk and Craig Giffin finished off the day with his talk on the Holy Ghost. Seth beamed and Bobby gave him the most beautiful, thoughtful blessing. Ayden and Dillon were loud but not overly so and it was controllable. It was such a wonderful experience and very sweet. I wish I had posted about it sooner so I could relate more of what happened but life marched on and I just have not stopped. Whenever life is slow, I get restless and wish we had more going on. Then, we do get a lot going on and all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep! Here are some shots from the day. We didn't get too many because Bobby was rushing me to start on time :D

Seth arrives at the church, suit on, hair only slightly messy.
All of the boys kept running over to watch the font fill up with water. The water started out very hot but the hot water ran out before the font was full and Bobby and Seth both agreed it was rather frigid.

We took the "Mormon Baptism Photo" once the boys get on their jumpsuits. (They were borrowed and Seth's was huge! It was pretty funny, this was the smaller of the two)
Seth, Brooklyn and Caleb in "I love my sibling" mode, don't worry it was short lived.
Seth, only slightly damp and definitely looking more mature.
I love this kid!
If you have been baptized, what do you remember most from your baptism?


Holly said...

I love seeing these pictures. It does bring back sweet memories. I remember my hair braided and in a bun. And my white dress which I thought was so pretty and my new all white scriptures that I thought were the most beautiful thing ever! I just felt so pure and innocent that day! Very refreshing.

Heather said...

I hope it's been just as memorable and special for each of the kids.

Danielle said...

Seth looks very handsome in his suit!


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