Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who'd have thought

Who would have thought... this (see below) would be the subject of four days of conversation with Caleb and continues even now? He really likes his undershirts. I think he sees it as a right of passage.
Who would have thought... in sharing an old movie that I used to love as a kid, I created a new obsession for Seth?

Who would have thought... A hard, plastic sippy cup with a car on it could create so much excitement?


Bobby the O! said...

who would have thought that i'd be working for over a month, and still as of yet have not seen a red cent? amazing the way things work, ain't it?

Heather said...

Yeah, I should've included that one too! Fun times.

Holly said...

okkay, what's with the undershirts??

brooke said...

I love how random things are so awesome to kids!


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