Friday, April 24, 2009

Tag and catch up

I was tagged by my friend Angie to take a self portrait. The rules are that once you're tagged, you must take your picture right then and there. No editing. No changing clothes. No adding makeup. Sorry, we wanna see the real you. I was tagged a few days ago and took the picture then and there. Bobby will tell you. I had just gotten home from work and I was super tired so I look gorgeous. :P I never wear make-up anymore so at least that was a non-issue. So here that is. (wow my face is really crooked)
I tag Brooke, Kate and Marcie.

I never did take a picture of Brooklyn in her Easter dress. Last night the choir from her school was invited to perform at a board meeting. She wore her Easter dress and I finally took a picture.
She also made the honor roll on her last report card. We are very proud of her for keeping her grades up!
Caleb and Seth have both worked very hard to bring their grades up too, and they did. Caleb even got an award just for that - the B.U.G. award (Bringing Up Grades) Good job boys! Now we're going to work on organization and listening to directions.


brooke said...

good job kids! succeeding in school is really important to me. you spend so much time on it, you better make it worthwhile.

Thanks for the TAG.

Angie and Mike said...

Hurray you did it! You look beautiful!

Holly said...

That is great! Aunt Holly is so proud of all of you!!!! Keep up the fabulous work.

Loves & hugs,
Aunt Holly

Jules said...

You were always able to get away with not having to wear make-up. I try to pull it off more often than I should. You look great!!


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