Monday, April 20, 2009

Five months

I can't believe Dillon is five months old already! He is outgrowing his 6-9 month footie pajamas. He's long but not too chubby, as seen below. He truly is a delightful baby and so easy going. I will admit, he does drool like a maniac! (if you click on the five month photo you'll see it - eww). He loves the jumperoo and the bumbo. He's content in his swing. The only trick with Dillon is that he likes to be moved every 15 minutes or so. In the evening, during dinner, he sits like a king in his court, in his bumbo on the table while we eat and talk around him. He always has a smile for us and a giggle for daddy. Dillon sleeps about nine hours a night, usually, but woke up at 3:30 am talking away last night. It took me an hour and a very warm bottle to get him back to sleep. We can't be upset with him though because he's so happy and just grins and giggles even in the wee hours of the morning. Dillon is a finger sucker. He prefers the middle two fingers but will take whichever finger makes it to his mouth. I'm ok with that. It means he can comfort himself at night and he often does. I'll wake up to him grumbling but before I know it, he's right back to sleep, sucking on his fingers.

Dillon and the hat at 5 months:
Dillon fell asleep on my lap, check out the chub and the fingers:
I took a few pictures of the boys playing outside. Caleb and Seth love to go out on their scooters. Ayden always wants to come too. The boys are good sports and don't usually complain (too much) about watching him outside. I like to park the van at the end of the drive way so they can have the entire stretch to roam free on. Here they are riding, doing tricks and posing for the camera.


brooke said...

I'm glad dillon's such a good baby for you. If I could be guaranteed that, I'd have another one too.
I just love pictures of your neighborhood. Looks like the boys are having a blast!

Heather said...

I don't know if you can tell but Caleb did catch some air in that one shot. I just got him coming down. Those guys are hard to keep up with!

Kate said...

He does look so tall in that picture where he's just wearing the diaper and all zonked out. I can't believe he is 5 months!

danielle said...

He is such a cute cute baby!


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