Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter rush

I realize it's been almost a week since Easter. Everyone else has long since posted the cute pictures they took of their kids in their new Sunday best. This week I had to go back to work after Spring Break and I felt swamped! It doesn't help that Bobby has been working 86 miles away every day. He hasn't been getting home until well after 7:00 each night and didn't get home until after midnight last night. Finally, though, I am taking the time to get caught up.

We had a very quiet, very low-key Easter. We gave the kids their Easter candy the Friday before and did not dye any eggs this year. I am not sure why. I suppose the older kids have outgrown it somewhat and the younger two do not yet expect it. So we took a little break this year. We did go to church, of course, on Sunday. I enjoy the years that conference does not fall on Easter Sunday. There was a nice piano solo that was played as the intermediate hymn. Other than that there really was no program. The speakers talked about Christ and the atonement and delivered beautiful messages. In relief society there was a very spiritual, wonderful lesson about Christ but Dillon was way too vocal. I had to take him out. The children dressed up in their new clothes. Bobby, thankfully, took some cute shots of Ayden. By the time I took pictures of the other kids, Ayden wanted nothing to do with it. The pictures aren't so great. We were in a hurry so we wouldn't be late to church and I didn't even get a cute shot of Brooklyn in her dress. I could not get Dillon to look at me either. So, the boys look cute. Caleb is sans tie because he had not put his on yet. I still think they cleaned up pretty well.


Blarney Girl said...

Dang!! Everyone is so big!!

Cute pics!

Angie and Mike said...

Love the Easter outfits. Childrens Place always has the best clothes!

brooke said...

wow, caleb and seth look more grown up every time you post. They look so cute. your kids look really happy there! Happy Late Easter!

Holly said...

Very cute Easter pics!
That is such a cute on of Ayden, show off!
And I can see what Boo's dress looks like, and it's very cute. She looks so hoo....

brooklyn said...

that is acute pic of AYDEN.


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