Sunday, November 9, 2008

A bunch of random, with photos!

This post is really just a recap of the week. The week was uneventful to say the least. I hoped there would be more to report (namely the birth of our fifth) but that just wasn't to be this weekend. So... here is what our week looked like in a nutshell.

Bobby likes to sit and watch boring stuff. Boring to me. I guess Ayden likes it too. This is how they ended up the other night.

After work on Wednesday my feet reached record size. They were so swollen I could barely get on flip flops. Flip flops people!! I have no shoes left that fit me. If my flip flops get too tight then I'm in socks, maybe, if they fit. Here are my feet. Sorry they are ugly. I can not reach them to make them look nice. The pictures really don't show how big they are. I am posting the one of both feet so you can see that, even though the left one is swollen, the right one is huge!

Gross huh?

Bobby's mom gave the kids a Halloween gingerbread house. It was the week before Halloween though and they didn't get a chance to do it after school on a night before Halloween. So, Bobby made the frosting yesterday and they had just as much as they would've if they had done it before Halloween. Observe, the black mouths. Eww.

Oh, yeah, the shaved heads. That was another exciting moment this week. Bobby was shaving Caleb's head in the bathroom. Caleb likes to get his head shaved. Seth does not. Therefore, we were not going to shave Seth's head. However, Bobby saw a bug in Caleb's hair. He thought it was lice. He also thought he saw nits. So I looked at Seth's hair but it is so thick I could not see a thing. Seth said we could shave it. What a trooper! Alas, it was not lice. It was little pieces of Bobby's hair still in the clippers. I'm glad it wasn't lice. I'm not so happy with Seth's shaved head and he was not either the next morning. Oh well, it'll grow back, just not in time for our Christmas card, unfortunately.


Jason and Lissa said...

Oh, Heather, I totally feel for you! I remember how miserable the swelling is. Mine was bad too--I still have stretch marks on my calves from it. Hang in there, you're almost done!

Holly said...

Round toes, square nose!!!
Just kiddin'hang in there until the 17th!!!

Marla said...

Your poor feet!! Gosh, that baby needs to come out!! Tell him to come now!

Oh, and I still can't believe Ayden is so dang big! He was so little when you guys came out here. Maybe the hair does it?

Angie and Mike said...

Your poor feet. Hang in there you are almost there and just when Dillon comes you'll be wishing you have a few more days. :)

I got the flu and we're pretty sure that's what brought on my early labor... so maybe you should hang out at the grocery store and touch all of the shopping cart handles and hope you pick it up there launching you into labor. But then you'll have to do labor and the flu. I'm not sure if it's a win win situation but worth a shot. :)


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