Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time and the Living Is Easy

We may be just staying home this summer, but that doesn't mean we aren't enjoying ourselves. The kids are playing (usually) well with each other. We go to the library. The libraries here are wonderful. We are enjoying all that free fun in the A/C. Brooklyn went to girl's camp and Caleb and Seth went to Scout camp. I, sadly, did not take any pictures of the boys. Brooklyn took a few but must have been having too much fun to remember to take more. I'm cooking, a lot and the kids are eating - A LOT! What do they do at school all day because at home you'd think they were starving? They know the drill: breakfast around 8, snack at 10, lunch at 12:30, snack at 3 then dinner at 6. I am not a schedule type person but I have to schedule that or they will graze all day! Mostly, I am simply enjoying that I do not have the stress of thinking I have work the next day. It has made it so much easier to enjoy my kids and my time with them. I also get to wait up late for Bobby to get home from work and he likes that. Here are just some photos of what we've been up to. I'll put a caption if it needs it.

Dillon loves to read lately. He will bring me the same book about ten times a day. If he wasn't so darn cute I'd be frustrated. Who am I trying to kid? You can tell I'm a tad frustrated here.
At first he wouldn't let Bobby read to him but, when I refused, he decided it was worth a shot.

Not to be outdone, Ayden wanted Daddy to read him the same book.
I had to get video of Dillon 'reading' along. You'll have to turn up the volume a bit if you want to hear him but it's pretty cute.

The kids have been begging for donuts this summer. In Katy there were donut shops in just about every strip center. Here, you have to search to find a donut place. I'm not crazy about Dunkin' Donuts but it's the only one even close, so we don't have them often. The kids were thrilled. I had to get some shots.
Dillon loved the chocolate donut munchkins covered in sprinkles, called beach balls.
The rest of the kids didn't really make a mess but dug right in.
I also decided it was time to cut Ayden and Dillon's hair. As you can see in the photos above it's become a tad shaggy.
Here is the after:
Ayden had to go and stick his finger up his nose then refused to have another picture taken of him. Brilliant.
And, I have to include one more video of Dillon. Brooklyn filmed him playing and saying "Bye Bye", tune in soon for our rockin' (or not so much) fourth of July shots.

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Anonymous said...

Mom thanks for the pic of me being SOOO UGLY!
But dillon is so cute and he has a HUGE attitude!


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