Friday, June 25, 2010

First week of summer

Color me surprised. I thought I knew my boys pretty well, but they proved me wrong this week. Caleb has always been my rough and tumble kid. He likes to stay very active by riding his bike, throwing a ball with friends or just running around, literally. Seth is quiet. He likes to pretend, he likes to read and spend time on the computer. So, when I took them to their first day of scout camp on Monday - in record heat no less - I really thought Caleb would be thrilled and Seth would complain. I was so wrong! Seth made a new friend the first day and loved going. He never said one word about being too hot and went happily every morning. Caleb complained about the heat and didn't even go on Thursday, that was partly my idea. He woke up with bumps all over the inside of his arms and I was worried he had poison oak or ivy. It turned out it was just his eczema acting up from the heat. He did go today but got no badges since he missed a day - I'm not too happy about that. He seemed pleased when I picked him up though, of course we did get a break from the heat today, I think it was only 90. Seth went home with his new friend to play and Brooklyn has a birthday party tonight and has enjoyed the week without her brothers. I took Caleb for an ice cream treat for sticking it out and I think we've had a great end to a wonderful first week of summer. I hope for pictures next time. We've been too busy to think about it.

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