Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do you know this man?

Well, you should. This is Robert Bruce Orr, aka Bobby. Yes, Bobby, even though he is a grown man, he likes the sobriquet and it suits him. This is my husband and today, on his birthday, I want to express to all who read my blog(well I know it's not that many but I can pretend) how amazing he is. Bobby is not the same man I married. He is immensely better than the man I married. His core, who he is, has not changed. The way he handles situations and the way he regards others has. I have always loved the word volatile and that describes Bobby. He was when I met him and he is now but he stops, he thinks, he considers those around him now. He is incredibly introspective; I love that about him. He learns from mistakes - his and others. He listens to me. I know how men joke about women babbling on. They joke about tuning us out. I admit, he does not hang on my every word ~ thank goodness. However, when it's a serious matter for any reason, he hears and remembers everything I say. That is amazing and wonderful to me. Bobby is a loving father. Just when I think he's tired and grumpy and has had it with the kids he will surprise me and do something amazing and kind. Anyone who has seen Bobby with his babies knows how much he loves them. He loves to get silly with them, tickle them and roll on the floor with them. He makes up funny names and songs about them. Bobby is not one to go out and do things, he is a bit of a homebody, but if the kids want a sleepover or a birthday party he is there in full force, entertaining them. I love that we can sit and have intelligent conversations with each other. I never tire of talking to Bobby and I love how he can make everyone laugh. Bobby is a hard worker. He may hate his job but he will do his best at it, no one can say he did not go above and beyond his duties. Is our life just a big love fest over here? Heck no. It's far from perfect but I love and respect my husband and I know he would do anything for us. I am so grateful to have him in our lives.

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