Saturday, November 14, 2009


To any family or old friends who still look at my blog, I apologize. I have been neglectful. I have not been updating this blog very often. School is kicking my rear this year but I do think I'm happier there than last year. I love my two sixth grade classes! Who knew sixth graders could be so sweet? Maybe it's because I have one at home now, but, for whatever reason, I am truly enjoying them. Several other things have kept me away:

The babies have been sick. Ayden started it off with a bad cough and then passed it along to Dillon. Ayden has not been sleeping well, he whimpers in his sleep, tossing and turning. Dillon was up from about 3:30am on this morning. Neither one is eating well so we've been battling those good times. Last night I came down with whatever they have - good times. Will we ever go to church two Sundays in a row again?

I was out of town for three and half days. I flew into Houston Tuesday night, November 3rd with Dillon. I returned home Friday. Dillon did great on the flight there so I thought the flight home, which is about 45 minutes shorter, would be a breeze. I was so wrong. We did get the row of two seats to ourselves but he became very restless and fought a nap although he was tired. Then, he fell asleep only to awake 30 minutes later screaming because we were landing and his ears hurt. Poor baby. Bobby missed his turn to the airport and was late, so I stood there with a crying baby and three bags, waiting. Dillon cried the entire way home and was a bear to get to bed. The next morning he had nasty, crusty stuff all over his ear. I don't know if his eardrum burst or if it was all the pressure from the plane. Poor guy. He felt better after that though. Now, he has Ayden's cough so he doesn't sleep well. Why were we in Houston? Well, of course it was great to see my family but I had things to take care of. I stayed at Holly and Brian's and they were very hospitable. Sheryl was thrilled to get a chance with Dillon, all to herself. I went to speak to a lawyer and sign some papers. We are trying to get everything in order for Bobby to adopt the kids. We're excited even though we've hit a few snags but I'm not giving up. Bobby's parents were so generous to come help Bobby with the kids while I was gone. With his new job, I don't know how he would've handled it without them.

Bobby's job. It has changed. He is now a manager of a Hollywood video since the GameCrazy closed. He is very stressed. The store was not in good condition and he has a lot of work to do. He is home much less and when he is home, he's trying to destress, which isn't easy in a house with five kids and a wife that works long hours too. He gets home later and some nights the kids are in bed long before he gets off work.

Despite all of this, the kids are doing great. LOL Ayden is wearing his big boy underwear today and so far it's dry. He chose to do this. I like to wait until they want to do it so they care. Otherwise I feel like I'm just training myself. He has been successful before too but the next day asks for a diaper. I wonder what is going through his little head when he decides one day to wear a diaper and the next that he wants the potty. Dillon has now learned to wave bye bye and hello. He has become so fast he walks across the room in an instant. He is very sure and steady on his feet now. He wants to go outside with the older kids so badly and cries when we come inside. ETA!!! I forgot to mention that he has been doing the funniest thing. He spins. He likes to make himself dizzy and will spin around looking down at the floor with a goofy grin on his face. I'll try to get video but who knows if he'll let me. I've never had a child this young spin! Brooklyn is in a dance club at school and is busy meeting with friends after school two or three times a week to choreograph a dance. Seth has brought his grades up and his behavior has improved. His teacher said he has gotten better at focusing on his school work and it seems he is not so forgetful as he was last year. Caleb has discovered he enjoys reading. I guess he finally figured out that when he takes the time to read the story instead of just look at the page, he is interested in what it says! Go figure. I'm so excited that he has discovered a love of reading.

So, life has been extremely busy. My house has suffered, the laundry situation has suffered and the blog has suffered but the kids are fed and growing and happy and we are blessed with a nice home and good jobs so I can't complain. I will update soon with Dillon's birthday and some other fun pictures.

Here are some from my visit to Houston.
Dillon loved Papa G and playing outside:

Holly and Brian now have a chicken coop on their property and Holly took me out to feed the chickens. They had a lot of rain just before I came so it was very muddy and I had to wear Brian's boots. We all thought that was pretty funny.

I had to get a photo with Papa G, I miss his quiet, gentle presence.


brooke said...

glad you had a chance to visit TX!
Congrats on the adoption stuff. Hopefully it will work out soon!

Jeanette said...

Wow! I am tired just reading about all your stresses! Being a mom is hard with 4 little ones, and you have one more than me! Hopefully everyone gets to feeling better soon. Good luck with the adoption stuff. I think that is wonderful. I am glad to hear you got a break and you were able to visit family in Houston. Have a GREAT week.

Grammy said...

It was so good to see you Heather and to meet little Dillon. I wish you all were a little closer. I also wish you could have stayed a little longer.

Holly said...

I love to see the pics of you and Papa G. and it was wonderful to see little Dill. Brian missed him when you left. I was very sweet.


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