Saturday, November 28, 2009


Most of the time, my job as a mom is not one to brag about. It consists of so much nagging, yelling (yes, I admit it) and pulling of hair. That is, me pulling my own hair. I am not the super cool, fun parent I thought I would grow up to be. I am not as understanding about being a kid as I thought I would be when, well, when I was a kid. I suppose, to give myself some credit, it was much easier to remember what it was like as a kid when I was living it. I complain about my kids driving me crazy and then feel badly because that is not the sum total of how I feel about them. It's just easier to complain I guess.

Not today though! Today, I brag. Today was a rare good day. I'm not saying I didn't snap at the kids or get frustrated with the fighting and the tattling and the repetitive, "Just do what I asked you to!". All of that happened today. It happens every day. It was the bits in between that were lovely. First was Brooklyn's attitude. She spent the night at her friends and when I told her I was going to pick her up this morning around 9:45 or 10:00, she did not argue in the least. She was cheerful and pleasant. Wow, what a change. No whining. No, "Ma---ooomm, please can I stay longer?" Just a, "Sure, I'll be ready." And she was!

The next small thing was Seth. He has held onto the $5 his grandparents gave him for a month now. He has not spent it because he wanted to go to the bookstore and buy a book - of all things. I won't hide my pleasure here. I think that is wonderful! Anyway, I asked him what book because we were going to Target. He said Target won't have it. He wanted Oliver Twist. He didn't want a child's version of the book, he wanted the real book. I took him in and the sales associate led us right to it. She was impressed, heck, I was impressed. He didn't hesitate. He knew just what cover he wanted. He picked it up with a grin and we purchased his book. He is on chapter two. The chapters are not long and he is determined. "I'm going to read it mom, really read it and finish it." Funny, how when one sets their mind to something it can be accomplished. I admire his drive in plowing through Dickens.

Ayden is on day three of big boy underwear. The real trial was today. We were from 8:30 until after noon. He stayed totally dry and only used the potty twice while we were out. A major feat and I'm so proud of him. Not only that, but he insists on washing his hands each time! I pray that stays with him as he grows older. Should I hold my breath?

Caleb argues. No doubt about it, he has that personality. The child that questions everything. Not just things around him but everything, including choices I make. This has a good side and a bad side. He gets in trouble constantly for arguing and just plain talking too much! He reigned it in today and kept control. I know he questioned what I said several times during the day but he kept his mouth shut and showed he really can exercise some self control. I am so proud of him today.

Bobby. Dear Bobby. He works hard, his job is stressful. He gets migraines and had a wicked one this morning. He had to go to his store around 3am this morning because the store alarm had not been set. He is exhausted. However, he came home, watched the kids while I went to the store, agreed to go out and eat some food (he hates leaving the house once he's in) and even joined in on my plan of surprising Caleb by taking him to Target to buy his birthday present on the way home. Currently, he is watching GIJoe with all three kids. It was a great day. Days like this, I have to brag. They are few and far between but they are what make all those other terrible days worth it.


Jeanette said...

Days like that rarely happen for me. They are for the record books. Congrats.

Holly said...

Yeah Orr's!! Glad you had a great day, but even better that you recognized your blessings!

Gracie :) said...

Ha ha ha! Brooklyn was at my house!


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