Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catching up with Ayden

This school year has been so busy and it's going by fast, thank goodness. By the time I get home, help with homework, make dinner and put kids to bed, it's nine at night and I'm beat. I looked over the blog the other day and realized that I had not put any recent pictures of Ayden up. I feel badly about that but then I remember that every other post was Ayden related for quite some time. Now it's Dillon this and Dillon that. The first year is just so full of new experiences that Ayden has been blog neglected. I want to correct that. This probably won't be interesting to anyone that isn't family but I thought the grandparents and the aunts and uncles would like to see how well he's speaking and how much Ayden has grown. When we moved here he was so small, still such a baby. Now he's almost three and has a very strong, dominating personality.

Ayden is into taking his clothes off. He often is missing shirts or pants. Friday I stayed home sick from work and Ayden took a moment to cuddle on the couch with me.
Ayden regards Dillon as some kind of toy. He is protective of him but wants whatever Dillon has. He is also quite territorial. He does love him though and loves to play with him, even though he's too rough most of the time. Brooklyn was playing with them downstairs by herself this morning and caught a tender moment - they're rare.
Ayden speaks fairly clear now and can be understood most of the time. He does not always have the vocabulary that matches what he wants or needs and becomes frustrated, but most of the time he communicates what he needs and wants very well. Here he is, asking for his favorite show - Imagination Movers. I was trying to get him to talk more but as soon as he saw the camera he got a bit shy.


Holly said...

I can tell he is talking much more clearer, but I think he was a little distracted.
he is looking so big!

brookie said...

Ayden is a cutie and yes i weas downstairs ALONE!


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