Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hanging out

We are trying to turn off the TV and other media interference and spend more time together. Last Friday Bobby decided that meant put in Kung Fu Panda, again. I know that is technically the TV but we all sat and watched it together. Well, we tried. Take a look at Seth and Brooklyn. I guess it was a long week. And this from the kids that tell me they are never tired.
We have had some pretty cold weather. The entire family was crossing fingers and toes for a snow day. Especially me. This is all we got though. I wish Bobby had gotten the back because there were big icicles hanging from the car and porch railings.
The kids and I played a game tonight after I put Ayden to bed. We had a surprise when Dillon rolled over. I did get the second roll on video but it was too big to upload. It took so long for him to roll over that, I guess, the video was too long. He rolled from belly to back. This is the earliest any of my little ones have rolled. He is so strong though! People are surprised when they find out how old he really is because he is so alert and holds his head and body so well. The startle reflex is the give away though!


brooke said...

Kung Fu Panda is the best. Rory falls asleep, Spencer never does.
Congrats to Dillon! What a big boy. Love those moments!

danielle said...

You and your family seem happy. Glad all is going well. I admire you as a mother to five children.

Holly said...

Love the new pics. Look at Boo's black toe nail polish! She cracks me up. Yeah for Dillon! What a big boy. Of course he's going to have to be strong being the baby of 5.

Jeanette said...

I'm wishing for a snow day too. I won't hold my breath. Little Dillon is just trying to keep up with the pack. Good job little guy.

brookie said...

OMG!MOM,i look like weird when i'm asleep.


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