Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Goo

Dillon is talking up a storm. He is very social and likes to talk to us and smile at us. Mornings are the best time for him but the other night he was feeling particularly talkative. I guess he had something he just had to say. Please ignore my finger picking at his nose. It was flaky and I wanted him to look his best for his video premiere.


brooke said...

Very cute. I find myself watching it with my eyes wide open trying to urge the "goo" out of him. What a sweet boy.

Bobby the O! said...

My goodness, he must be one of the most adorable babies ever born. Then again I could be biased. Take your pick, but he is cute either way you cut it!

Grammy said...

He is adorable! All of the children are adorable. But that video was priceless.

Holly said...

Ahh, he is super cute! I'm with Brooke I was trying to help him talk through the wrinkles in my forehead??? LOL


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