Monday, February 11, 2008

Even bad days can have happy endings

Everyone has those days that they should have stayed in bed, right? Good grief this had to be mine. It began as a night with no sleep. No - the baby was not up. He never gets up, he loves to sleep (knock on wood, I'm jinxing myself). I was sick all day yesterday with a fever. Bobby could not sleep and neither could I, so just as I drifted off Bobby would get up. I'm sure I kept him up too. There was the first indication that a day of rest would be the only cure. I woke up late, after snoozing the alarm so much it ceased going off - great. I was late to the sitters; I was on time to school though. I wore no make-up knowing my eyes were watering and burning- only to remember that we had an English group photo that your's truly set up. Thank you me. Then I was angry at my child's teacher and sent a very harsh email only to discover that said child was not altogether truthful about their side of the story and several of my arguments were invalid. Gee, thanks kid. Another teacher that I let see the email gave me her honest opinion, which I did ask for, which made me feel horrible for sending it. So I came home upset with my child. Does this really need to continue? Oh yeah, another clencher, Bobby got a flat tire b/c a car slammed on their brakes and he swerved into a curb to avoid them. NICE! Let's just say it was a day that needed to end. I must admit though, after all the tears - mine and others - it ended so peaceful. It really was one of the nicest, quietest evenings we've had lately. So... regardless of burned chicken nuggets, a late evening tow truck, a cranky teething baby, over hyper boys, and teary eyed girls... this was a nice day after all. Now I know to hold my tongue (or should I say email) until I've had time to cool down, which everyone says but that's just me... I have to learn things the hard headed, stupid way.

Here are some pictures of our nice quiet evening at home after the blow ups! My silver lining.

Brooklyn happily sings while doing the dishes - her chore.

Caleb reading his book for class - I love The Berenstein Bears!

Seth, bless his heart, happily wandered and played among the chaos. I suppose he was just happy that no one was upset with him this time. (By the way - he is Climberman now, not Spiderman)

And the sweetest thing tonight... Ayden had been running back and forth the apartment like a happy little mad man let loose. He did get cranky when he was hungry and after eating he was just ready for bed. He flipped out at diaper changing/pajama time then ran to get his blanket and hugged me and turned to lay on daddy with a big grin. He was so ready for bed. What a sweety.

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Julie said...

Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I hate those days. I hope today goes a lot better for you.


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