Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feel the love...

So Bobby and I celebrated heart day with the kids around this year. A friend said they had a pizza dinner by candlelight with their kids, with love songs in the background. It sounded so ideal and I wanted to capture that moment. Um... yeah, right? Do you know my family? But I did get a heart shaped pizza! The rest was... well let's just say there were no candles and no love songs. We did buy a cake that said "Happy Birthday"! I didn't want the valentines cakes because I don't like red icing but I wanted a cake and that is what they had! LOL Oh well, it tasted good blue balloons and all!

Yum! it was a heart! Kind of.

So what if it doesn't look just like a heart mom? Caleb enjoyed the pizza - I thought it was so cute that he wore that read heart necklace all day but I forgot to ask him who gave it to him!

Ayden enjoyed the pizza in total gross baby fashion. Nice tomatoes all over you sweetie!

And of course, I had to post my own funny valentine, who commented that he looked psycho in this picture. Who cares, he's my psycho and I love him!

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Brittany Campbell said...

I am so happy I found your blog I haven't chatted with you in forever.Your kids are adorable I hope all is well in your life!


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