Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Swore I'd Never...

When I was a young gal, in my teens, I said never all the time. "I will never listen to oldies stations on the radio." "I will never put my baby in a harness!" "I will never be out of the 'fashion loop'."

I have had to eat my words so many times I've lost count. I enjoy some of the current music, but for the most part, I am still an 80's, early 90's, kind of girl. I put my first child in a harness the first time I had to go somewhere that did not allow strollers and I was huge and pregnant. Then there is fashion. Okay, I was never huge on fads, but I was aware of them and enjoyed many of them. The latest one has me scratching my head though. Socks.

It's been going on for a while. If you haven't seen this, you may need to check your mouth and ears for the sand that must have entered as you buried your head in the sand. Caleb is the one that brought it to my attention, of course. 

He is the one that seems the most concerned with fashion in this house. At first, I figured he was just being neurotic; however, it turns out that all the boys are really into this. Nike Elite socks. Of course, it had to be Nike right? Other brands have tried to imitate the look, but Nike is still the one that the kids wear. Of course, if you're going to wear socks that cost $15 a pair, (yes - for one pair) it would be silly to wear jeans. So, even in the dead of winter the boys wear shorts. They're so smart at this age. The school where I teach is a campus style school, so we had boys is massive coats and shorts just so everyone could see their elite socks.

Of course, since I am writing about it now, the trend will die. And, you know what, that is fine with me. I'm tired of my kids spending $15 for one pair of socks. 

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Jenna Foote said...

That's crazy! I didn't know about this trend, either.


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