Thursday, June 27, 2013

Go On Take the Money and Run

I don't know anyone that likes to be broke. I know it drives me crazy. I like to get out of the house and find fun things to do. Unfortunately, this usually requires dinero, even if just for gas. So far this summer I have been at home with no money. I splurged here and there - spending $1.05 at McDonald's on a soda to share with Ayden and Dillon while they played, going to the dollar store and getting a couple of 'treats' to give the kids, things like that. I even went really wild one day and got the kids one thing each off the dollar menu at McDonald's. You may ask, what else have I been doing to occupy my 'free' time? I read the horribly written novels off the free list on my nook, I sleep, I play Lego Harry Potter with Dillon, and I police the children so no one gets an injury we can't afford. None of this really satisfies the rambling urges I get honestly from my dad.

Here is the question for you - have you ever done something that you really can't afford to do? That you really shouldn't do? Well, I'm about to - tomorrow. Tomorrow I get paid. Tomorrow I take the kids to King's Dominion. Side story: Way back, for Christmas, we decided to buy season passes for the family again since it provided so much fun the previous year. We didn't get them last summer since we were taking a trip to Houston. When our income tax came we really could have used the money for other things, but it was a gift and a promise so we went ahead and got the passes. I took the kids over spring break when the park first opened and I haven't been back since. They are beyond excited for tomorrow.
This is the only photo I have from that day of all the kids since the older ones took off. 
Why is this such a bad idea? Yes, we have the passes, but the park costs money other than entry fees. The gas alone is a big problem. However, the joy on my kid's faces and the time we will spend together is beyond worth it to me. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet, take the money and run! (But not like Billy Joe and Bobby Sue)

Enjoy viewing some more happy children during spring break!
Ayden loves the bumper cars.

Doesn't Dillon look like he's built for speed?

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