Monday, April 30, 2012

Am I nosy or concerned?

I am seeking some honest feedback here. Maybe some of you have had a moment like this. I seem to have them often. (Maybe that answers my question.) Anyway, on Friday I went to the daycare to pick up my two youngest.
* Here and now I must say how much we love the woman that takes care of our children. She runs an in home daycare with her grandmother. She is completely professional, absurdly affordable, she teaches them colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the pledge, etc. And she loves my children. I couldn't ask for more. They've been going to her for a year and a half.*
Okay, back to the post. When I arrived she was on her front porch on the phone. This was unusual for her. She is only ever outside with the kids or maybe to take out recycling or trash. It also seemed like a serious conversation. That's just the vibe I got. I gave a little wave and walked into the house. As I walked out the door I was looking down at Dillon's little head. I heard her apologize for his graham cracker face and I joked that I dropped him off with a syrup face, so we were even. Then I looked up at her. Had she been crying? I wanted to ask if everything was okay, but I was halfway down the sidewalk at that point.
I put Dillon in his car seat and walked around to the driver's side. She was still standing on the porch, leaning on the rail. Again, I have never seen her do this, hang out by herself outside. It didn't bother me that she did. I would certainly need to take a break now and then with that many kids in my house. I started the car and waited for Ayden to get settled. As I pulled out of the driveway, I noticed her brush her fingers across her eyes, in a 'wiping tears away' fashion. I shared my concern with Bobby and he shrugged it off, but it is still bothering me.
I want her to be okay, I want her to be happy. I would hate to hear of anything happening to her or her family, not because it would affect me personally (which it could since she cares for my children), but because I care about her. My question for you is - am I incredibly nosy that it bothers me this much or am I caring and compassionate? This is something I've wondered about for some time and I guess I'm at a point in my life where I can deal with the answer I don't like - if that's the case. So, what do you think?


Rebecca said...

I think your reactions are perfectly normal and Christlike...quite frankly I'd think you were stone cold and kind of a witch if you weren't at least a bit concerned! I hope she's okay!

Jen said...

I understand your questioning...maybe ask yourself if you feel like you were being prompted by the spirit to be concerned and to offer comfort. I'm sure you'll figure it out. :)

Teresa said...

I think you are right to be concerned. Too often we let things go by the wayside, when we could have been a source of comfort or help for someone else. Maybe Jen was correct that you are being prompted by the spirit.


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