Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flashback Friday/You're how old?

Say what?

Yes, really, Papa G turned 85 on the 19th of September! OUR Papa G! Holly had a surprise party for him and I was so disappointed that I could not be there. My Uncle Andy and Aunt Tammy even flew in from Colorado to celebrate with him. So I was the one missing. No fun. But... Papa G is fun. Thinking of his birthday reminded me of all the times I spent visiting him and my Grana. He took me to Shipley's or brought me the donuts if I didn't wake up early enough. He put locust shells on his nose and tried to put them on my clothes! He let me play on his riding tractor where I pretended to drive. A few times he even let me sit on it with him while he mowed. He liked to play tricks and pull my toes and tickle my knees. Papa is a quiet man so when he says something everyone listens. I missed your birthday party Papa but I was thinking of you all day! Love you!

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