Friday, January 8, 2010

Things That Have Made Me Cry Today

No, I'm not pregnant or hormonal in any way. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely cry. This week it's been a sob fest for some reason. These are the things that made me cry in just the past 24 hours.
This blog post:
Nurse Heidi's Spot

This child:
This movie:
And this show: (I don't know what is up with that!)
Maybe I just need a bit more of this:


Danielle said...

I love Say Yes to the Dress. Jack will watch it with me sometimes.

Heather said...

Oh Bobby hates it so I don't watch it that often. I never had a big fancy wedding and that kind of stuff doesn't get to me but I was crying last night. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

I liked reading this post. If you never cry, that day was most appropriate to cry. I love a good cry, it makes me feel closer to the lord.

Kate said...

I love you HO! I cry over everything. Lately it's the dang Folgers commercials. Why must they be so sensitive? Why must *I* be so sensitive? Cute cute post. :)

my word verification: efraid
That's when you're afraid of one of your e-friends.

Heather said...

efraid! Love it!


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