Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Around To It

Finally! I keep looking at my blog, thinking about Christmas then getting pulled away by a sad child, a chore or a husband who wants on the big computer. It seems that today is finally the day I can get this done!

Christmas was wonderful. It always is even though each year I get nervous that it just won't be as nice as the year before. We opened family gifts on Christmas Eve since we had early morning plans on Christmas day. All the kids said that they got everything they wanted. They didn't, that is why the gift cards and cash from family came in handy, but they said they did.

Brooklyn asked for a pair of Sperry topsiders, I told her no way, too expensive...
Ayden did not ask for a Magna Doodle but since he's been coloring on everything Bobby figured he needed one - good call.
Oops, should've gotten one for Dillon too. He used some of his money for a little one for him.
"But this isn't what my brother has, I don't want it." I imagine that is what he was thinking...
Aunt Holly made sure to get Seth the book he asked for.
and the game Caleb asked for....
And the motorcycle Ayden likes...
Then she made these beautiful letters for Brooklyn's room.
And got a chew toy for the psuedopuppy of ours.
And because Bobby is, who he is, they all got games!
Papa and Grammy sent each child an afghan, made by Grammy and a book to snuggle up with. I forgot to get pictures of all those, they turned out so beautiful, but I will. Then Bobby and I got a surprise too!
Can you tell how thrilled Bobby is? He really loves it!!
And that was just Christmas Eve....

Christmas morning Ayden woke up quite early and he and I decided that we needed to wake the others up too! Come to find out the others were asleep because they were up at 3am, sneaking down to check out their gifts. This is the first year Ayden has been excited with anticipation for Christmas. When he woke up he knew Santa was supposed to have come and he couldn't wait to see if Santa brought him a truck, like he asked for. Dillon slept through most of the excitement, which was fine with us.
After going though stockings and eating beignets, we got in the car and headed to David and Kim's in West Virginia. It was a gorgeous drive. All the snow we'd had the week before was still on the ground. Everything looked beautiful under that soft white covering. Luckily too, the day was overcast so we didn't have to battle the sun reflecting off the snow. I wish I had brought a camera because there were many scenic moments. At David's the older kids played with one another, the two little ones explored and the adults were able to visit. Kim made a great dinner with turkey and ham! It was wonderful. We came back home exhausted but totally satisfied.


brooke said...

sounds like a GREAT Christmas! And look at that loot. I'm glad you guys are happy and doing well. Lucky you, SNOW!

Holly said...

Yeah, Christmas pics!
It looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I loved seeing the pictures with all of the gifts!

Anonymous said...

I love all the penguin themed pajamas, so cute! I bought pj's for my kids but they didn't want to wear them :(

Heather said...

Ack Carolyn, that is so sad. My kids love the pj tradition. Bobby loves penguins so when we saw them that is what he picked.


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