Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brooklyn's concert and Seth's program

My two little actors had programs two weeks in a row. First, Brooklyn had one for choir. She donned her white, button-down shirt and black pants and was ready to sing her heart out. I took her to the school along with her friend, Grace. There was a bake sale and I bought them some treats and we settled in to enjoy the show. Brooklyn's choir was first and they sang three songs. She did a great job and smiled as she sang, no stage fright for my kid! These pictures aren't that great but it was the best I could get. She is the furthest on the right. She has no vest.
Seth had a program too. He was so excited. He got to make a top hat in art to wear for his dance! The fifth graders sang and each third grade class did a dance. Seth had a small speaking part and did such a good job! I was so proud of him. I brought my camera and as I turned it on I discovered that I had no memory card. Brilliant I know. Just imagine my little guy, with big eyes in a top hat that was a tad too big for him, grinning and dancing away!

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Holly said...

oh, Boo looks super cute! I wish I could have seen Seth!! I'm sure he was adorable.


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