Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wow what a day!!

We are getting ready to drive our four children to Springfield VA for Spring Break. This has been quite a huge undertaking. I am so grateful that Sheryl offered to take all the kids today so we could get ready. I really could not have done this without her. Not only did we have to check off our lengthy list, and believe me not everything was checked, we also had talks to finish preparing.

Let me say first that our house was 'clean' last night. By that I mean that everything was put away and straightened. Not that it was white glove clean but it looked fine. Now, ask me what it looks like after about eight loads of laundry. I decided to wash everything so I could choose what we would pack on our trip. I didn't want to start packing and realize that so and sos favorite whatever was still dirty. Needless to say, I ran out of steam. Half of it got folded, some of it was put away and the rest still sits. Bobby would not be happy that I'm posting this but he never looks at our blog so here is the end result.
I would normally never post a photo like this of my home, it normally never looks like this. However, due to the circumstances I thought it was funny so I had to record it. It will never look like this again, trust me!

Then we cleaned out and vacuumed the car. That wasn't too time consuming. We shopped for snacks to eat along the way. While I watched a movie I folded clothes. Then, while I waited for more clothes to dry I bagged up goldfish, teddy grahams, grapes, carrots and animal crackers in separate plastic bags. After that though I didn't fold the rest of the clothes unless there were getting packed. We picked up the kids and put them to bed then I folded all their clothes and put them in gallon zipper bags. Bobby thinks I'm crazy but it keeps their suitcases neat and then they have a place to put them when they are dirty. I think it's brilliant.

Among all this I finished my talk. We were given the broad subject of Christ. Wow! Um... that's huge. I have a lot to say about that. It was very hard to narrow it down even though we were given four articles to reference from the new issue of the Ensign.
I hope I don't bore everyone to tears tomorrow.

After all this, and I didn't even bore you further with all of it, Bobby is ready to go to bed so I'll finish this post. The good news is, our room survived the tornado of preparation and is still our clean haven, thank goodness!


Blarney Girl said...

You're talks were amazing!!

Have a safe trip!

Blarney Girl said...

My grammer ain't what it used to be. You're should be your. And here you are an 8th grade English teacher! **hanging head in shame**

Naomi said...

What's wrong with you're house?(I didn't want Dallas to feel left out)
It looks just like mine. VA? Who lives there?

tcnherre said...

I am not stalking I promise. I remember you from the MWOH thread on BBC, yes we are still hanging in there. I just wanted to say hello and that I missed you and I am glad to see you are doing well. If you want stop by and say hi sometime on the MWOH thread

Heather said...

Thank you blarney girl and thank you for making me feel better Naomi. First of all I've seen your house and it isn't like that! Second of all you have way more kids!! We are visiting Bobby's parents in VA and he wants to move here so I have an interview Thursday. I'll be happy either way. Tcnherre, of course you can stalk me anytime ;) I will come by some time.

Stacy said...

Heather, you're so awesome. I can't imagine pulling together a week long trip for six people....I barely made it with five last year, and Annah was still really little! And what a great idea about the gallon sized ziplock bags....I'll have to try that!


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