Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas at Liz's Home

Liz invited us to spend Christmas with her and her family in Arlington. We were so excited; it would be our first, official road trip as a family! Bobby played with his work schedule a bit and we were able to drive up there on Christmas Eve and stay until the day after Christmas. Liz was a very gracious hostess. She had snacks and drinks ready to go for us. She made a huge breakfast the next morning and dinner that night. We had sub sandwiches in between - an Orr family tradition, according to Bobby. John has four Lhasa Apses and Liz has her huge mutt Foster. John's children brought their two dogs over too. Brooklyn loved playing with the dogs and the boys loved playing with John's son, Jesse. He was so sweet, he played so well with them. We really enjoyed ourselves on our mini vacation.
Brooklyn loved cuddling with the dogs.
Liz with the babies. We spent so much time just relaxing and visiting.
John with his sweet baby.
Bobby wrapped up like a taco. He was coming down with a bad cold so he lounged as much as possible.

I just realized I have no pictures of the boys! They spent the entire time with Jesse, we really barely saw them except when they got hungry. Ayden though had a blast. He played with the dogs, I wish I could've gotten some pictures. He thought they were great until Foster kept running into him!
Ayden really did do so well. I was worried that he would be fussy being away from home for so long. He played happily, napped well and even let Liz lay down with him at night. As always... he loves the cell phone!


The Richards Family said...

Hayden loves the cell phone, too! But mine tries to talk on it, not eat it! :)

Kate said...

Heather your blog looks so cute! You've got skills.


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