Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ayden's First Shiner

Well, there it is, Ayden got his first black eye. I was not in the room but the story goes that Caleb and Seth were wrestling on the floor and Ayden tripped on Caleb's foot. Then somehow that led to heads colliding. Either way it turned into a bit of a shiner. Daddy was proud and called it the first of many. I guess if he plays baseball like Daddy wants him to then it probably won't be the last. I wouldn't say he 'took it like a man' but he recovered quickly and was back to playing with his brothers in a matter of minutes, no worse for the wear.


jkump1 said...

Oh, how pitiful. Blake had a black eye in December. You'll have to see if anyone looks at you suspiciously.

Kate said...


Ooh, you have Shelfari!! Fun!

The Richards Family said...

Poor kid! He has beautiful eyes, though!


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