Friday, October 26, 2012

My World Wordle

No, my title is not a mistake. I spent Monday at a great seminar learning how to infuse my classroom with technology. Of course, one site the speaker, Brian Housand, (who is awesome by the way) brought up was I had been to this site before but never really thought about how I could use it in my classroom. Boy do I have some ideas now! I digress... to play with the site a bit I put my blog into it and asked for the top 100, or was it 150, words. This is my wordle, which I guess is my world. I think I can do better. The large words are the ones that appear the most and so on down to the smallest ones. I need to blog more so, that in perhaps a year, there are fewer likes and goods. Guess I'm not such a hot writer after all! You may need to click on the picture in order to read it. If I make it too large it won't fit in this silly, skinny column. Enjoy and go play on the website. It's fun!

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