Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Trips

About a month ago Bobby's parents asked him to go to Kentucky with them. They had some items they needed to take to their home there. We figured he might need another driver to switch off with, so I decided to go too. It wasn't easy - we had to farm out our children, but everyone from our ward was so hospitable and took them in! It was only a two day trip. We drove up one day, spent the night, and came back the next. Along the way we visited with one another and laughed and shared stories. The eight hour drive went by quickly and we made such good time, it only ended up being seven hours. When we got into town, Bobby's sister Teresa and her husband, Bill, met us for dinner then followed us over to the house. Bobby's Aunt Carol met us there and, again, we had another pleasant visit. While we were there Bobby's mom gave us a quilt that I just love! As soon as we got home I bought two more pillows to add to the ensemble and I love the result! The trip was a nice little break. I wish Bobby's father had felt better, but it was still a pleasant time.
Teresa and Bobby (don't ask about the beard, I don't know what he was thinking.)
Our new quilt, thanks Mom, with the pillows from Target (on clearance, of course).

Last week we got to take another exciting trip! This time we got to take Dillon with us. So special. See, Caleb was playing this fun tackle game with Dillon. (Can you already see where this is going?) Dillon hunched over and sprinted toward Caleb, who dodged the attack. Unfortunately, he was standing in front of the glider ottoman. Oh yes, Dillon tackled a big piece of wooden furniture. It was lovely. Dillon on the floor, curled up, screaming, bleeding. Caleb cradling Dillon on his lap. What a great Saturday, huh? Now, with four boys, it may surprise you to know that this is the first time I have taken a child to the ER for a injury! I kid you not!

Bobby and I scooped up Dillon, cleaned the would, and determined that it was quite a gash. Bobby declared that stitches were in order so off to the ER we went. I sat in the back with Dillon, who whimpered a bit. He was cold so I covered him with his brother's jacket. Then, I did what any good mother does and photographed it so he could remember how pathetic he was.
Sorry it's blurry, I was a bit too close. Isn't that nice though? Lovely really.
The ER was not busy, thank goodness, and by the time we got him into a room he was distracted and happy. I let him play Angry Birds on my nook and all was right in the world.
Look at that, with all the hair in his face, you can't even tell he has a large gash over his eye!

They put some numbing goo on it so he wouldn't feel the shot he was soon to receive. Then, they covered it all with a large patch. He was a pirate and we made him say ARGH!
Ok, so the patch was not OVER his eye, but he loved the pirate idea so just go with me on that one. Once it was numb they gave him a shot. That was the only point that he whimpered. I'm sure it pinched a bit. As the NP stitched him up we talked to him and asked him questions. He sweetly answered "yes" and "ok" and even smiled from time to time. Eight stitches later and he was ready to go home! The NP declared him to be her favorite patient of the day. How could she resist, look at that face.
Dillon announced, "I took it like a man. Now can we go to Target?" We promptly complied and bought him a toy while there. I know, we're suckers, but if you saw how brave he was you would have bought him a toy too.

I could have certainly done without that visit, but I am grateful he was not hurt worse and that we had the money to cover it. I admit, I'm also so grateful Bobby was home so he could handle that one with me.


Jenna said...

Oh, I like that quilt! Very shabby chic!

Poor kid! Neither of mine have had to go to the ER ... yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Carson is a wild one.

Danielle said...

Dillon has gotten so big! I loooove that head of hair!


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