Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Can Curse Around My Kid Any Time!

Well, just kidding. Please don't use bad language around my child, or me for that matter but... a funny thing happened last night.
Way back in July I purchased a Groupon coupon for $15 for two hours of bowling for two, shoes included. I thought it sounded like a great date with my husband, something different. Well for whatever reason we never used it and it was about to expire.
I decided to take Caleb with me. I gave it a lot of thought. Brooklyn and I like to watch cheesy girl TV shows together. Seth and I like to read together. Of course Ayden and Dillon demand a lot of attention. Caleb gets the short end of the deal and he loves to do physically active things. Actually, once I gave it some thought, the choice was not so hard.
Caleb when we first started bowling.

We showed up around 4:30 ready to bowl. The place was pretty empty just as I figured it would be on a Monday afternoon. A father and son were way down at one end and another man had just come in with his four bowling balls to practice. He was away from us too. However, the little shop where they sell balls and towels was right behind us and a bunch of men were hanging out. One seemed extra, how can I say this, comfortable there? I don't know if he worked there or just hung out. He was sitting at table behind us and yelled a bad word. More than once. It was a pretty bad word, one of the worst. I turned and looked and Caleb. He and I made a face at each other but we continued bowling. I did turn around from time to time to see what those guys were doing.
Before I knew it the manager walked up to me and apologized for the bad language and gave us a gift certificate for a party of ten for two hours, including shoes. Wow! That is a pricy deal he just handed us. The cussing was brief, the guy did walk away from us and he wasn't cussing AT us, but I really liked to see this guy trying to make his establishment family friendly. It was clean, everyone was so helpful and I'm excited to go back again with my entire family!
Caleb and I pretty stoked about our coupon!


Jen said...

that sounds like a bowling alley i'd like to frequent. sounds like a fun mother son date!

Talia said...

Wait, he gave you that certificate without you complaining?!? WOW! I'm seriously impressed and my guess is that as you pass the word around, the alley will get more business. I know I'd go there based on this story alone if I was in the area.

Heather said...

I think that is what he was hoping. If I am happy with them then I talk them up and they get more 'family' business. Not to mention, they make quite a bit of money off their food and, of course, we'll be buying some!

KT said...

How nice of him to do that! I love when people who run establishments actually try to make them appealing to all people.

Holly said...

very cool! Glad you and Caleb got to do something together...very sweet.


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