Friday, January 28, 2011

About Time...

Yes, it's about time -- for so many things. The first big news is that Bobby got a new job. He is working a call center with T-Mobile. He is only in training right now but he likes the company. They have tuition reimbursement if he goes into a field that will be of use to the company so that is his plan. It doesn't pay bad for entry level work either! Not only that but our phone bill is going to be cut considerably. The other great thing about his schedule right now is that he has Sunday and Monday off. He can go to church with us! When working at Burger King he never went to church, not once, for eight months. It wasn't that he didn't want to go, it's that they refused to give him one weekend off. He had a Sunday off but worked until 3am Sunday morning. Or he had a Saturday off but had to open on Sunday. It was miserable on so many levels. No he is back at church with us and it feels wonderful.

Another big change we have made is scripture study with the kids. Silly that we haven't done this before, it's a very simple concept but always got put on the back burner. I won't say we understand everything we read, but we are sitting down and reading and discussing them together. The kids request it. I told Bobby we need to take advantage of this since, eventually, they may balk. So, we're trying to build good habits now. I love the family time it gives us after a busy day, even if it is just 15 minutes of reading together.

Speaking of family time, Bobby finally looked at Brooklyn's broken camera and guess what! It wasn't broken at all. So now we will have more photos of the kids taking photos of themselves... and of course more photos of the family in general. I hate posting with no photos.

However, some bad news regarding photos. Our computer did something weird upon restarting and all of the folders on the desktop were missing. Not only that but the photos were not in the right place. Bobby finally found them and, so he wouldn't have to hunt for them again, he put them in a folder that he named so he'd remember. When the computer was restarted again, everything on our desktop was back to normal and the folder of pictures that Bobby made was gone. It seems we may have lost all the pictures we had on here. There were a LOT. There are some on here, which is great. There are some on facebook and photobucket, but the majority of our photos are lost and I'm so sad. Guess I'm buying a flash drive just to hold our photos on from now on.

Here are some pictures we have taken lately though... they are in no particular order nor are they of any special event. These are just because.

Dillon is getting so big! He never looks at the camera so enjoy.
Bobby's parents bought him a few new duds so he spent Saturday night ironing. He wanted all 'the guys' to look killer on Sunday. It was the 'when you feel like you look good, you feel better' motto. He cleans up pretty well, I think. He even found a Poppy hat for $8!

Oh, this was funny. I caught Dillon climbing up onto the table. He pulled out an apple and was so happy with it. So I let him have it figuring I would cut it up if he didn't want it. You know he ate on that thing for an hour? Silly baby. He didn't eat all of it but no one wanted it when he was done with it.

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Holly said...

Aww, all the boys looked handsome. Caleb looks very grownup!


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