Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday and a Visit

Brooklyn turned 11 on August 16th! Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we decided to have her party the next weekend. I'll will have to include more about that once she has her party. She was so excited to find out what her big present was this year. Bobby and I had bought it back before school was even out and I was excited to give it to her. I'm proud of Bobby for keeping it a secret so long! Anyone who knows Brooklyn knows that she wants to be a rock star. She always has. We bought her Sing It! It's a PS3 video game that has a microphone. It's a lot like karioke but it tracks your pitch and timing and gives you a score. The one we bought has Disney songs from movies like High School Musical, Camp Rock and other teen Disney stars. All of the kids have had so much fun with that game! I think I will get very tired of some of these songs so I'm already looking into the cost of other discs. I have to admit, it's pretty fun.
We gave her the gift early in the day. Then, I made chocolate chip pancakes - at her request. Everyone enjoyed that of course! My oldest friend (from age 8), Amy, was here visiting and she helped out with Brooklyn's cake. Brooklyn picked the Funfetti frosting and Amy used the sprinkles to write out the name Boo.
Then, we all sang Happy Birthday and Boo blew out her candles.
It was a good dinner and some delicious cake and the night was over. Brooklyn's dad and his girlfriend had sent Brooklyn a new comforter so she and I set up her bed with it's new, teen, look. It will be versitile and she'll be able to change up the color scheme when she gets tired of it instead of buying a whole new set. I found a rug at Wal-Mart that will match it perfectly and we'll buy that this weekend. Then we just need the lamp.

Aunt Holly bought her a new blue top and a matching purse from Justice. She looks all grown up and ready for school. Papa and Grammy bought her some cute new clothes too while she was in Houston. She wears them all the time.
I can't believe she is going on to middle school! Time does go by so quickly. Happy Birthday sweet girl.


Gracie :) said...

Happy b-day brookie!

brooke said...

Happy Birthday!! 11, that's a great age! Have fun in middle school. Love the bedding!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn! I love the comforter!

Marla said...

She is so grown up and pretty!!

Holly said...

I hope you had an awesome birthday! I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with you!!!! I love your new bedroom. And singing along with you would be so much fun!
Good luck in JUNIOR HIGH! I can't believe that you are old enough for that.
Love you lots!
Aunt Holly

Marcie said...

I still remember her first birthday! She is such a beautiful girl! And her new bedspread is awesome...totally mature!


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