Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Know How to do Laundry Around Here!

But we don't know how to put on hats...

My friend made this hat and scarf for me. Isn't it gorgeous! And just in time, it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow morning.


brooke said...

cute hat and scarf. And your kids are growing up so fast. Actually, the other day at Landa Park I saw a little boy that looks just like Seth, but only of the Hispanic persuasion.
Happy snow!

Holly said...

Wow, that is one blue hat!
Love all the pics of the kids, very cute.
Missing everyone,

Marcie said...

That scarf and hat are the perfect blue to go with your beautiful eyes!!!

Also, I cannot imagine the amount of laundry you have in your home with so a big family!!!!

Marla said...

Love the hat!! Britly is so talented!


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