Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ayden has either very good weeks or very bad ones. The child does not have much in between. He is having a good week so far, thank goodness. I think there were some teething issues the last couple of weeks and hopefully, there will be no more issues like that for a little bit. He isn't eating just really well though. I am trying to think of new, creative ways to get him interested in food. My latest attempt? Hotdogs on a stick. He seemed a bit more interested than usual. A bit. I also had to take a couple pictures of the ugly faces he makes. These are his typical grumpy faces. I think he does them now to get us to laugh.

When Bobby saw these he decided to shave Ayden's head again. We've discovered that no hair grows just below his temples, it does look strange so shaving probably is the best bet for a while.

In this last one he was saying 'Wow!' LOL
Then Daddy shaved his head. He was shivering and miserable, poor guy, but enjoyed the shower afterward. Sorry it's so blurry. He wouldn't stop moving.


hsailors said...

has Bobby ever heard of GUARDS?? He is going to look bald... in the winter.... not good. :(
At least a #2 guard would be better. Or a professional? I dunno?

Lissa said...

You know, after seeing these pictures, I think Ayden is the perfect mixture of you and Bobby. I can see feature of both parents pretty strongly. It'll be fun to see who your new baby looks more like!

brooke said...

cute pics of Ayden.
Last time I cut Spencer's hair I cut his ear as well. poor thing, so now his hair is getting kind of long. I'm scared to get the shears back out.

Heather said...

Oh gosh Hol we've been using his beard trimmer b/c the clippers broke. I need to buy new clippers. I know - he's too too bald!
Thanks Lissa! I think so too.
Poor Spencer - gosh, mommy dearest over there...

hsailors said...

Oh no! I guess we should put a few hours to the side for haircuts when I come. Can I bring scissors on the plane? They are so picky about what you can pack!!! UGGG.

Heather said...

I don't know - that's a good ??? I doubt you can bring them.

Castaneda 5 said...

Hey Heather!

How are you? Your kids are getting so big! Last time I saw you, I guess you were pregnant with Ayden and here you are again! Congrats!


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