Saturday, September 20, 2008

Should I feel bad?

Am I a lousy mother because my (almost) 2 year old son is eating Cheez-its out of the trash? To be clear, the crackers are not exactly in the trash. The bag holding the crackers is in the trash. Thus, the crackers are touching no trash. And the bag is right on top. I threw them away because they were stale. Apparently Ayden does not care. Should I?

I realize he is not holding Cheez-it's but Gerber puffs. He decided that since the crackers were in the trash and still so tasty that the puffs should be in there too. What he neglected to realize is that the crackers were okay to eat as they were still bagged. He poured the puffs directly in. At this point - I do care. This is a good life lesson. Do not throw away food you may later want.


Jeanette said...

LOL! So cute. I only care when things are thrown in the trash like keys or cell phones. Things that I am constantly wondering, "Where did I put that?"

BTW-LOVE the Halloween background.

Juls said...

Ha ha ha! I love Ayden!

brooke said...

trash food is the best. spencer's not a big eater, but boy can he put down a crayon or a handful of dirt.
its like that seinfeld episode where george ate an eclair out of the trash, it was on top on a doily, with a bite taken out of it and he got caught eating it.
its not so cute when we're adults:)

Laurie said...

Too cute. We've all been there, girl.

Bethany said...

my kids would totally eat of the trash. i think all kids would!

Marla said...

LOL total boy!! Hey it's food and it looks good mom!

brookie said...

funny,i didn't even see any of that!!


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