Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures of our house!

I love this house. It is so perfect for us. Now all we need is a sectional sofa, which we're buying in September, and we'll be set. Well, downstairs at least. Sorry the one picture of the boys is dark but they were watching a movie and the flash didn't go off. If you hover over a picture it will stop the motion and you can see it better.


Amy said...

Wow, your house is so big and beautiful! Was it partially furnished? I don't remember some of that furniture. You're right, that house is perfect for you.
Send me your address--I will send you a house-warming gift!
Miss you!

Heather said...

The only furniture that was here was that huge table. It was bigger than ours so we kept it. I'm going to use our table somewhere else, I just have to wait until Bobby is at work b/c he doesn't want me to. He he.

brooke1313 said...

Cute house!! I love all the green around it and nothing beats front porch sittin'. Congrats on the new baby boy too. You guys look so cute and happy.
I miss talking to you!!

Marla said...

I LOVE the house!! LOVE IT!!! I think it is great and perfect for you guys! It's wonderful!

danielle said...

Your house is cute. Virginia is beautiful. Congratulations on your baby boy!

hsailors said...

Yes! Heather you need to email me your address. I am going to be mailing you and the kids stuff!!!

I love the deck and all the trees and the front porch swing is a very nice touch!


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