Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas round one!

Santa came early this year! I had to call the Santa hotline but it was a must since we would be out of town for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There just wouldn't be enough room in the car to fit all Santa's stuff along with our bags! The kids had so much fun unwrapping everything and Santa was good to us this year. He brought Brooklyn a digital camera, Caleb a junior size NFL football and UT shirt and cap and Seth got a scooter and spiderman dart set. Bobby likes for Santa to wrap everything so there was paper and smiles all around. It was nice to just open them together as a family and let the kids ooo and ahhh. They also opened their gifts from Grandma and Poppy Orr. They were so excited to see everything. They figured Christmas was over as far as presents went but nope... it was on to Uncle Bobby's house for gathering with my side of the family.
Ayden looked so cute grinning in his Astros hat! Bobby was so proud.

Brooklyn got a pink watch from Poppy and Grandma Orr - she just loves pink and jewelry so it's a perfect match!

Caleb is all about football right now and I guess Santa knew that. Pop's was too big so now he has one that is perfect for his hands! It even came with a pump and stand.
Seth loves to dress up so this year he got Michaelangelo so he could dress up with Caleb who got Raphael. (Doesn't Bobby just look thrilled?)

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